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do you have in mind some random AUs for either frostcup or toothcup(or maybe both)? I have a lack of inspiration :\
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obsessed with shipping :)

my favorite pairings:
1-toothcup(human!Toothless\Hiccup)- the cutest ship ever,don't even try to argue!
2-frostcup(Jack\Hiccup)- I ship it hard,but only top!Jack\bottom!Hiccup,NO WAY vise versa...
3-jelsa(Jack\Elsa)- I can't say I really ship it,I just like the fanarts of this ship...
4-bennefrost(Jack\older!Jamie)- same as with frostcup: I ship only top!Jack\bottom!Jamie
5-tuffcup(Tuffnut\Hiccup)- when I'm tired of fluff(it happens rarely tho),this is just what I need))

pairings I hate:
1-vaniro(Hiro\Vanellope)- one question: WHY???
2-hicstrid(Hiccup\Astrid)- the worst thing that this is canon...why,Dreamworks,why? T_T
3-hicelsa(Hiccup\Elsa)- I will never understand this pairing...never.
4-jackrabbit(human!Aster\Jack)- they can be just friends,nothing more!
5-hiccunzel(Hiccup\Rapunzel)- me they're just like twins,so,one big NO.

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666demon-lover666 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
thank you kindly for the fave <3 
UkeHicForEva Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
CyberFox Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Artist
Just wondering, ever considered delving into Disney fanart?
I have a request that would kick ya off if that's the case
UkeHicForEva Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I guess so)) so,what is your request?
CyberFox Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Artist
I have 3 Disney related requests
1. Please do Baloo shrinking Rebecca Cunningham to no bigger than 3 inches tall [roughly small as a mouse] (whether her clothes shrink with her or not is up to you)
I would like it in either a comic or separately (no, not animated)
of which it will consist of the following in order
- what Baloo did to shrink Becky [you decide]
- Rebecca's shrinking to 3 inches tall in full detail
- Rebecca astounded at Baloo towering above her at her new size
- Rebecca snuggling one of Baloo's feet
- Baloo has fun with shrunken Rebecca in 4 scenes [your call of what Baloo play with Rebecca, no kinky stuff]
- Rebecca in tame form of nudity sleeping on baloo's chest using his clothes as her blanket [finale]

both from TaleSpin
Rebecca Cunningham:……………………………………


2. Please do Cinderella as a mouse dancing with Jaq
since Cinderella is now equal in size to Jaq, her glass slippers nor her dress shrank with her [make up a new one however leave her barefoot]

3. Please do Elinor and Merida (from "Brave") as anthro bears playing together [sfw pls]

human hair of both Elinor and Merida intact on their anthro bear forms
UkeHicForEva Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh! well,I'll try,I don't know how it will go tho,because I never was drawing animals before...
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LukesNumberOneFan Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not judging, but I have one question: Why do you put the pairings you hate in your Dev. Profile-thing? Like really, some people like those ships. I'm a JackRabbit fan, so I think they can be more than friends. Yep. You should be of people's feelings. At least say your opinions respectfully. It's a suggestion, so I'm just saying...
UkeHicForEva Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wrote it because people tend to request me to draw my NoTPs,and I'm tired of I wrote the ships I hate in my profile to make people stop requesting pictures of them...

*I used to like jackrabbit,but then,I started to hate uke!Jack(the reason is all these disgusting top!Hic frostcup pictures of course),so this is the only reason why I hate jackrabbit,okay?*
LukesNumberOneFan Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, that's understandable, but do you have to put the reasons why you don't like them? :/

*Ah, Alrighty, but, in a way, I think it switches. xD*  
UkeHicForEva Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I guess so...well the reasons:
Vaniro: because Vanellope is way too young for shipping,besides she is a video game character while Hiro is just a human XD
Hiccstrid: well I hate any hetero Hiccup pairing(because I love only uke!Hiccup),but this one I loathe the most because it's canon :/
Hiccelsa: it reminds me of frostcup,but with top!Hic(which,as you already understood,makes me sick)
Jackrabbit: I already told you the reason.
Hiccunzel: because I ship Flynn/Rapunzel hard,besides I don't like how hiccunzel shippers draw Hic manly while he is NOT manly actually...
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